The bound starch are tied by fiber, starch want to split this out to make thin or break the fiber. The more radical break, the higher the recovery efficiency. So, grinding is the most important factor in producing starch.

The SID series is designed with imperforate-wall. This decanter is perfect for continuous separation to produce clarified liquid & dehydrated solid. It can also maintain stable quality of production. Moreover, long lasting.

Following the continuous strive by the starch industry to improve production efficiency and reduce down-time, NIVOBA has further developed the Centrisieve.

Nozzle type for washing and concentration of corn, potato, tapioca and root-starches. With severe selection of good-quality stainless materials and long history of experience for manufacture, Saito separator Lth. are enjoying users’ confidence on performance

Vacuum filtration is considered a proven technique for separating fines from liquids. Because rotating vacuum filters can be fitted with various cake discharge systems, they are successfully applied in all branches of the process industry ranging from pharmacy to waste.

Hygienic pumps are designed to achieve maximum pump performance combined with minimal product damage. Specific attention is paid to the bearing construction and the rigidity of the shaft. The design is kept as compact as possible while the lobe displacement volume is optimised.