Máy Tách Ly Tâm SAITO
  • Delivery efficiency of sedimentation cake.
  • Recovery of fine particles by the axial flow structure.
  • Prevents fly off of flocky cakes by gentle-feed-structure.
  • Double times performance efficiency compared to conventional decanter.
  • Best performance ever.

Corporate information :

SAITO develops new potential by taking one step ahead. Based on this, as the leading centrifuge maker of Japan, SAITO continues to make progressive effort. Gains credit from customers by corresponding to various demands. World-widely valued, SAITO is pleased to offer products to Southeast Asia, China, Russia, & many other countries. These years, prompt interaction & custom-built machines are most wanted. SAITO shall contribute by showing fertile knowledge & technique.

Nhà sản xuất SAITO

Applications :

  • Soya milk, Vegetable juice, Drainage of food factory, Classification of wheat starchStarch, Textile printing waste water, Drainage of chemical plant, Coagulated sediment sludge, Pigment, Dehydration of PVC, Dehydration, stabilizaer of PVC, Dehydration of night soil, Surplus sludge, Sewage of acticatedsludge, Separation solid fromwaste oil, Dehydration of gypsum.
  • [IT Industrial Solution] Lucidity of coolant oil (pure water) for cutting silicon ingot, Separation/dehydration of sub-micron particles of rare-earth elements.


Máy Tách Ly Tâm SAITO

The main body of the screw decanter  is composed the following parts :

  • Máy tách ly tâm Saito là máy tách ly tâm liên tục, có hướng lắp ngang, cơ chế tách chất dựa vào lực ly tâm.
  • Máy đạt hiệu quả cao trong việc tách rắn-lỏng, lỏng-lỏng và rắn-lỏng-lỏng.
  • Máy tách ly tâm Saito hoạt động liên tục và ổn định, đạt hiệu suất và tuổi thọ thiết bị cao là những tính năng ưu việt của sản phẩm.
Cấu Tạo Máy Tách Ly Tâm SAITO

1 - Feed pipe

Pre-treatment  liquid is supplied  into the bowl through the feed pipe. According to conditions of pre-treatment liquid, the position of feed pipe can be change appropriate position.

2 - Bowl

The bowl is composed a cylindrical section and a conical section. The mighty centrifugal force generated by its hight velocity rotation separates matter into clarified liquid and solid, besides dehydration speed.

3 - Screw

This is screw conveyor its has slight clearance with the inner surface of the bowl, and a slight difference rotation speed. The screw convey the sedimental solid into the outlet port.


4 - Gear box

This is planetary gear to drives the screw for convey the sedimental solid, and the central shaft is secured by the safety limit switch.



5 - V- Pulley

The V-pulley transmits driving power from the motor to the revolving body via the V-belt.



6 - Casing

The purpose of the casing is to prevent accidents caused by the revolving body, and at the same time to prevent the scattering of the cleared liquid and solid particles under going contiunuous separation and to collect them at the appropriate outlet ports.

7 - Limiter Torque

The pillow blocks are located  at the each end of the bowl and support the rotating body. There are bearings in the pillow blocks for smoothness body rotation. The bearings are lublicated by greace or lublication oil.


8 - Pillow block

The limit switch comes into operation when the carrying  torque of the screw reaches a specified limit.





The pre-treatment liquid is fed into the rotating bowl that is composed  of a cylindrical section and a conical section (the bowl), which revolves at high speed. The liquid will stick to the inside wall of the bowl, and rotate with it. The solid particles which have a specific gravity heavier than that of the liquid contained in the pre-treatment liquid will settle and build up on the inner surface of the bowl. The clarified liquid will flow over to the outside through the holes on the right face plate (Figure 1). Since the solid particles will settle to the inner surface of the bowl, they will remain inside.

Cấu tạo máy decanter

To remove these particles, put a screw conveyer into the bowl, and make holes at the left end of the bowl. When turning the screw conveyer as it carries the particles toward the left side while the bowl is rotating, they will be discharged through the holes on the left, as show in Figure 2. Continuously fed pre-treatment liquid will be separated in the bowl into clarified liquid, which will be discharged through the holes on the right, and solids, which will be discharged through the holes on the right, and solids, which will be discharged through those on the left.

Cấu tạo máy decanter

Centrifugal force will press and dehydrate the solids while they are in the separation area in the bowl. Then, the liquid between the particels will be remove in the drying zone, which is located between the solution level and the outlet.


Máy Tách Ly Tâm SAITO

Special features :

  • Continuous operation: As no filters are used, no clogging occurs and the separation of liquid and solids can be carried out smoothly and continuosly.
  • Strong, effective centrifugal force: The powerful centrifugal force makes possible the separation and dehydration of minute particles.
  • Adaptable for all densities: A very wide range of pre-treatment liquid densities, from 0.1% to 0.6% can be handled, and variations in density have very little effect indeed on separating performance.
  • Automatic operation: The construction of the unit is sample, needing no auxiliary equipment during operation; 24-hours unmanned operation is possible.
  • Simplified maintenance: The simple construction of the unit eliminates break-downs, and day-to-day maintenance is extremely easy compared to other units.
  • Adaptable to particles of all size: Adjustment of the rotating speed of the bowl makes possible the separation and dehydration of solids measuring from several millimetres to several nanometres.
  • Simplified control system: The superior safety device protects the unit from overload. In addition, the stopping of the liquid supply and of the motor can be controlled.
  • Classification of minute particles: Light and heavy particles can be continuously and accurately classified using specific gravity.
  • Clean environment: Rotating parts are completely covered by casing, so that no solid particles or clarified liquid leaks, thus ensuring a clean inviroment.
  • Compactness: The unit takes up less installation space than any other type of separating and dehydrating equipment, thus minimizing incidental construcion costs.
  • Silent operation: The precise balance of the rotating parts and the antivibrationn device, keep vibration to a minimum. Sound-proof cover (optional extra) may also be used should the customer so desire.
  • CIP Cleaning and Sanitation: By mounting the centrifugal valve, the inside of the rotating parts can be washed. Also, by mounting a washing nozzle to the casing, the outside of the bowl and the inside of the casing can be automatically washed.