Máy Mài Củ Sắn NIVOBA
  • Rotor Speed: 2400 rpm
  • Breaking cell efficiency: 97%
  • Electricity costs low: 5.2 kWh/ ton for 160 kW
  • Change raspblades: after 72h operation
  • Time change raspblades: 25 minutes/ 128 raspblades
  • Semi-automatic change raspblades
  • High stability – stable operation







Capacity (ton/h)






Installed kW







Máy Mài Củ Sắn NIVOBA Ultra Rasp RU 80

Specification Ultra Rasper RU 80-400 Nivoba - Netherlands

  • Cassava Ultra rasper
  • Brand Nivoba – Netherlands

General Specifications:

As mill application in starch processing industry, high speed 2300 rpm (100 meters/sec) as a condition for separation is highest amount of starch.

Rotor: Diameter 800 x Width 400 mm

Capacity max: 17 tons/ hour

The average operating capacity: 15 tons/ hour

Power: 160 kW

Raspblades: 128 blades


Voltage: 380/ 660 V, 50 Hz

Protection: IP54, class F

Cos: 0.87

The main structural materials:

Rotor: Alloy Crome and Nickel, testing by X-rays during the fabrication process to remove the product with subtle cracks even the smallest.

Stator: Stainless Steel 316L, Inlet hopper: Stainless Steel 316L.

Advantages of Ultra Rasper Nivoba - Netherlands

  • The speed of its grinding cassava very high Nivoba to 2400 rpm, this can be seen as starch mill rate highest in the world in wheat starch processing industry.
  • At this rate Nivoba cassava mill grinding efficiency has brought the highest in the mill equipment.
Model Nivoba RU Series Korat Rasper Type A Larsson GL1000 Hovex HR Series
Rotor diameter 800 850 1000 850
No. of rasp blades 128 84 204 120
Rotor speed min 2400 1450 1400 2075


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Photographs distributed of starch

There are 2 types of starch: free starch and bound starch in fiber
The bound starch are tied by fiber, starch want to split this out to make thin or break the fiber. The more radical break, the higher the recovery efficiency. So, grinding is the most important factor in producing starch.


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Máy Mài Củ Sắn NIVOBA

Milling efficiency depends on:

  • Rotor size: the biger rotor, higher milling efficiency.
  • Rotor speed: the faster speed, higher milling efficiency.

It also depends on the quality of grinding teeth. If small footprint, low, then high-performance.